The BadgeChain Community Call launched today with really excellent results. A group of about twenty-four individuals from the US and as far away as Lithuania, France, and Spain participated in today’s call. All in all, a propitious start to our collective endeavor of exploring and building blockchain for badges and other digital credentials.

We began by referencing the BadgeChain mission: Explore through research, advocacy and development how Open Badges (and related technologies) can be advanced by blockchain.

One thing that we stressed during today’s call: we are aiming for proactive inclusivity. Other areas we addressed included logistics regarding calls, methods of communication, upcoming website efforts, potential for twitter chats and podcasts. We also had a wonderful round of introductions that took up the majority of the call. During that time everyone spoke about themselves and what brought them to the BadgeChain call. This action allowed us to learn a bit about one another and identify levels of knowledge and interest in both badges and blockchain.

Building on that information, we spent some time silently writing on the etherpad about our areas of interest, the things we would like to build, and, questions we have.

Unsurprisingly, the BadgeChain community shared a ton of great thoughts, questions, and suggestions in response to those prompts. Needless to say, many of the comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. will inform upcoming BadgeChain Community Calls. So stay tuned!

How do I join?

The BadgeChain calls are public and open to the community! Along with notes from today’s call, you can find future conference call information including dial-in info on today’s etherpad. You can also stream the recording of the one hour call here.

Thanks to all who participated — we look forward to hearing from you as well as new community members on our next call, April 27th at 8am PT / 11am ET / 3pm UTC!